The Empire Strikes Back (AGAIN)!

December 22, 2007 at 3:16 pm Leave a comment

Once again cameras were confiscated in an attempt to cover the misdeed of the highest female office in the country. Apparently this time instead of the media being the cause of her excellency’s wrath, they were pawns (the kind that are willingly sacrificed without a second thought).The place, State House, the game, smack the taste out of your mouth. The Fist Lady is said to have charged at the principal administration secretary in the Office of the President, Francis Musyimi (this is the unfortunate fella who bore the wrath of the backhand).

The crime, the fella was giving thanx or something and vile you go on and on mentioning everyone who’s present got to her excellency and thats when he unleashed the Pandora’s box. Poor Francis whether it was intentional or an honest slip we’ll never know but what followed he never saw coming.

The “slip”, he referred to her excellency as “First Lady Mama Lucy Wambui” what the ^&$*&#*&(* was he thinking? You know the kinda drama you invite when you call your woman by your other woman’s name in the bedroom, this fella made the boo boo in PUBLIC. I totally understand why he was shown the way of the backhand -the dude asked for it.

What is disturbing though, are the actions that followed, the press term them as “hawk eyed presidential guards” swiftly confiscated the cameras and deleted all the evidence of the ‘altercation’. This action is what has the media up in arms “albeit a bit more quietly this time round”.

As for the poor Francis Musyimi, his names go down in the annals of history (annals sounds like a dirty word don’t it?) as the man who tried to cross her excellency, and failed miserably. By the way he too was whisked away by the guards, may the Almighty be with him. Luckily the days when you nether regions were squeezed by pliers are long gone………………………or are they?


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