Baba Chapati

December 12, 2007 at 12:48 pm Leave a comment

“It is that time again when Kenyans expose their ignorance about Christmas. Why would someone dress up like Santa Claus in a tropical country? Santa’s outfit is meant for winter. It is absolutely ridiculous to wear that heavy furry outfit in Kenya -unless you want to bake yourself.Don’t you think it’s time we came up with a local Santa? We’ll call him ‘Baba Chapati’ because that is what Christmas means to most Kenyans. Not some silly overdressed fat man with a white beard.”

Hunter Ongeri in Daily Metro

GENIUS, and no not the fact that I read, but the whole idea of Baba Chapati. I think the whole day (Christmas) is over commercialized, overrated bull. Yeah, yeah I know ‘bah humbug’ or something. I think the reason for my skepticism is coz my birthday is on the 24th (hint, hint) and no one makes a fuss out of it -and research shows it isn’t even the accurate birth date of Christ.

But enough of that, so how about it Kenyans? Baba Chapati any takers?



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