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Okay raia, I thought that only politicians lie (blatantly) but a recent attention paying to the ads that air on telly got me like “the hell kebs lets these people get away with”

For example the ad for Mumias sugar goes ati “gives them hope to face the future with confidence” “Ngai fafa!” no wonder I can’t face the future with confidence, my ma used the  bloody imported shizzel- I blame you ma had you used Mumias…………………..

Now since Kebs is the authorita that makes sure products are what they say they are, I wonder what checks they run to make sure that Mumias sugar actually does that.

Apart from that now I forget the soap (methinks dettol) ati you grow strong, the one with the kid lifting the mum. Bollocks, so if a raia uses Lux or maybe Imperial Leather you aren’t shite? Its like eating bananas when you bathe with that soap?

Then there those ads that just piss you off, like that kam-beauty cream ………………….. Fair & Lovely that shite’s to sad I won’t lambast it, then if the “africanised version isn’t bad, they are now showing one with chuties on it – WHAT THE BLOODY FUDGE!!?

Then there those frigging “pad ads” now I have nothing against mother nature but when some amateur  teens start pouring blue ink on cloths and encouraging you to “try this at home”

Now the one “pad ad” I absolutely love has to be the Always fresh one no inky inkies and we get the point. On that note, why do they use blue, why note red (realistic), green, black, I mean wheres the imagination people?

So before I think of some more bad ads, which ones blow you either good or bad?


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Some Uselessly Useful Facts

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