Breaking The Silence

September 5, 2007 at 4:40 pm Leave a comment

Its been long since my last rantings, I sincerely apologize to all of you readers out there. The reason?, you might wonder – please refer to the blog post ‘Zebra Crossings’ – before you jump to conclusions, I didn’t massacre any pedestrians- but it was thiiiiiiiiiiis close. And the bugger wasn’t even on the crossing. But that wasn’t to deter our over ambitious council askaris. I nearly engaged them in a high speed escape but decided otherwise.

Word of advice those jamaaz don’t have rides to chase you with so next time just go, needless to say my stopping (kujidai law abiding) led me to break several other laws e.g bribery, engaging in acts of bribery etc. DISCLAIMER (By the way if this article can be used against me in any law court, then this article is fictional).

Me like most Kenyans will decry the evils of corruption but again as most Kenyans when in a fix, I’ll freely consider the option. Anyhoo the story ends with me back in my car driving away, while the pedestrian – who had no chums – was reprimanded and harrased

In as much as I want to feel guilty, …………………………………………………… I just can’t find it in me



Entry filed under: Misc Rantings.

GodSpeed Lady S Man Laws

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