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My God i couldn’t believe what I heard, a travesty is about to be committed. Now a while ago I dissed Syd’s song……………………..can’t remember the name (I just know its whack- except for the chick in the vid!)

Now if you’ve been able to suffer the whole vid, the hot chick gets mauled by thugz towards the end and Syd rushes over blah blah blah.

Hownowz has on good authority the guy (Syd) is planning a part two, ati from that part @#^#&^TOGHTYG#U$*(YLOBYI*$%^RIU*:I N^%&*#$(*UO

Please this is a cry to whoever will be producing that shite, PLEASE DON’T. Also I’m looking for someone to write lyrics for Syd tafadhali – or else you’ll have a second dose of his …………………………… talent?

So please, please, please if you know Syd and are reading this, tell him to shelf that idea in a cabinet, burn the cabinet, bury it and for good measure, swallow that key.


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