Just another manic Monday

August 21, 2007 at 9:02 am Leave a comment

Why oh why did Monday get invented especially yesterday? Now if you were in Nairobi yesterday was a cliche. First of all there was the tremors (sorry quake) AGAIN, if thats not enough reason to ban Mondays, there was the rains- what the hell is up with that?- its bloody mid- August for crying out loud! Speaking of the rain there’s a way that it rains that makes you certain God exists and has a sense of humour, heck there must be someone up there otherwise whose having all that fun? ati nyesha, wacha, nyesha kiasi, ngojea watu watoke toke, nyeeeeeeeeesha.

Then if thats not enough, for the unlucky few, (this means you) your boss -if male- has had a weekend long dom-e with his wife and didn’t get to see his gachungwa, unleashes his fury on you-if female- ah you your just f&%$cked 24/7

But then you get to the net and you see a fool calling themselves an alphanumeric mix that should be a password, has written a post on how shittey his Monday was, and it all seems not so bad.




Entry filed under: Misc Rantings.

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