Political Perks

August 1, 2007 at 9:27 am Leave a comment

Kenya is once again a buzz with outcry, rage and calls for bloody murder. The mobs are out and they are blood thirsty. How dare the political elitists award themselves such hefty pay packages whilst the masses languish in abject poverty, tis immoral and disgusting and we should not put up with it ……………………………. then why do we

Inasmuch as rebel rouser as I am this time my finger is pointed at YOU and ME. YOU and I are to be blamed for the travesties committed by the politikos. It is YOUR fault that they seek to improve their lives while yours sinks deeper and deeper into a hole.

Our society thrives on misery, there has to be the politikos and raia. So just shut it. What now are you getting offended? You’ve kept quiet for so long, turned the proverbial blind eye and you’ve let it happen before, so why try take the moral high ground now I mean if I’m left to do my free will, that’s exactly what I’ll do

Kenya is the epitome state of free reign, simply because we forget ever so quickly trust me they’ll award themselves the perks and something else will come up and the attention of Kenyans will shift. Why else would we keep on re-electing the same politicians over and over again whose first order of business is always pay hikes, always. Kenyans just can’t hold grudges for 5yrs too damn long, and besides there are more important things than how the country resources are being spent, more pressing than the disabled hawkers who’ve been camping outside Nation Center plight, more urgent than the brutal assault on residents of Mathare….

….There has to be, I refuse to believe there isn’t a logical reason why things change and yet everything still the same, there has to be .

“People should not fear their governments, the governments should fear their people” 


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