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Now let me first make this clear: this views are solely mine feel free to comment on it.

Since thats done lets get to the point don’t you just HATE these fake celebs sprouting up everyday with their so called music – so I’m doing what should be done – calling them out. This isn’t hating (atleast not most of it) but rather constructive critisism.

Calif Angels: Kilio

The ladies of the Calif stable have come together in this, they include Ratatat, Choku & Lady S. The video isn’t all that but it shows some maturity and all in all the song gets a 2 out of a possible 5.


I have to say Choku has come from far from sounding ….. whack to atleast, whatever your doing Choku, keep doing it.


Ratatat’s verse needs work but like Choku she’s come from far. And her wadrobe in the vid most def needs to be burned. Get something more flattering.

Lady S:

Still wanting not much has changed on this damsels part. She needs to rework her lyrics, her stlye of flowing is ……………. ‘different’ but what totally murders is the lyrics.

Duex Vultures: Kinyaunyau…………..Adhiambo C:

Thank God these guys have virtually disappeared from the music scene hopefully when they come back they’ll have something more worthwhile to put out on the airwaves.

Longombaz: Chukua

I believe this is the last song they’ve done, honestly if you listen to the lyrics, you won’t listen much the lingala part of the song is actually worth listening to. All in all Longombaz I’d give them a 3 out of five.

Habib ft (Some dude): Kata

Ok seriously don’t this song look, sound and feel like a track done by Longombaz and if you’re a Longombaz wannabe what does that say of you and did Manga realize the truth of the matter (they aren’t as hot as they thought) and left?

Amani: Tamani

Amani is a great singer esp Bad Boy loved the song though Tamani isn’t the kinda song you’ll keep singing in your head but still its good. Kudos Amani

Carter: Kizunguzungu

I know! how does a video manage to suck like that? The guy a voice, but its hidden beneath layers and layers of bad, bad, bad singing. Dude the high notes don’t work with you, avoid them like the plague. The chorus has substance something that is worthy of noting.

BigPin: Benteba

Now to qoute someone very close to me “Sasa BigPin huimba nini?” ok now as much as the guy is hardworking, his lyrics are the high school type not  the  somewhat cool  fourth form kind but the wacky form one.

Sid ft Mr Lenny: Msamaha

Who the F£”$%£%K let Sid into the studio with this track, his lyrics are unbelievably whack – yaani so bad you don’t believe- he even manages to make Mr Lenny look whack and that takes skill coz Lenny’s talented.

2Berry & Shirko: Wewe tu

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, hahahahahahahahahah, hahahahahahahahahahahaha ok seriously though the review:

hahahahahahahahahaha now these two clowns where does one start?

Sean Paul should sue these guys for using his voice over – and how stupid is the producer for that stunt- Now for the vid coz if I comment on the lyrics it would be an insult to bad songs. Now there’s this one guy whose entire movement is hand counting and bling touching and guys please lose the merry go round

Pam: Dhahabu

I love Pam seriously I’m biased I love the song, but in all fairness Pam should stick to the lower notes the high notes don’t work for her soo much. Otherwise lots of love.

Sana & Jua Cali: Kwaheri

This song should be the song of the year, love the lyrics both by Sana & Cali, the video’s a bit of a let down but Sana’s coming out from the quiet closet is quite worth the wait.


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