July 6, 2007 at 11:17 am 1 comment

When the health minister HON Charity Ngilu tabled the tobacco control bill, it was funny, when Nakuru was declared a non-smoking zone, we giggled at it though the joke was obviously getting stale. Now that Mombasa has joined into the fray……we ain’t laughing! why has the world taken it up for itself to help smokers? Sure smoking kills one person every 8mins, is uncoothe has a whole lot of carcinogens etcetera etcetera – has it ever occured to anyone that there are those of us who LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE smoking and besides the life risk we still enjoy puffing away those cancer sticks and intend to continue doing so.

I have read,heard nearly every piece of info on the smoking ills there is out there, how everytime I take a puff I inhale extremely hot air that eventually ends up cooking my lungs, windpipe and any other organ that gets in the way. How nicotine coats my aveoli reducing the capacity of them carrying oxyge which is very vital for the brain to continue with its performance (no wonder the heady feeling I get after a flight of stairs)

Some of us are ‘BLIND OPTIMISTS’ – even though we know there’s no way to escape the deal we still puff away, ……… optimistically.

The beef I have with these ‘do goody goody’ crusaders is as much as their cause for fresh air has ‘some’ merit, the way they go about it is all wrong they say no smoking in public period. No definition of public or where on can partake the sweet sweet nicotine fumes.

And if you know Kenya like I know Kenya, arrests of hard core thugs go down, council askaris all report for duty -regardless of it being their off day. Why? you ask, the cash they’ll get from extorting our cash is enough for them to go on unpaid leave for like 4 months.



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Slow slow s…l…o…w The Female brain

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  • 1. Renee  |  July 6, 2007 at 12:34 pm

    Apparenty this happened somewhere in Naks :A mathree makanga announces that smoking is prohibited and punishable by a fine of several thaosz

    Suddenly, a baby starts crying.

    “Come on kid,” the makanga said “you’re only 6 months old, you can make it without a cigarette.”

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