Tusker Project Fame (Farce) II

I can’t keep it inside anymore, is it me or is the much touted TPF2 turning into a big farce?

And this at a time when Idols is screening-I mean if you want to control outcome of a reality show, don’t do it while a transparent one is running.

And what is with the same old cast, although Sheila Mwanyigah is always a welcomed sight for these sore eyes, Ian whom during the last season came out as a ‘Simon’ wannabe, did an ok job- this season however he comes out as a burnt out drama prick! (yep I just called him a prick)

The other glaring thing of the Tusker Project Farce 2 is a fella called Hemedi…………………………………………good God man what the hell is he still doing at the academy while its obvious the boy wouldn’t know a musical note if it jumped out and bit him where the sun don’t shine. At this point I’m inclined to agree with Ian when he pointed out that the boy’s talent maybe well placed in Mexican Soaps.

And the recent probation list topped the icing as it revealed the desparation of Project Farce 2, by placing the academy’s promising talents on probation, the organisers hope to elicit more votes (yes Kenya one talented person is being sold out for profit – kinda like Judas Iscariot did)

But amidst all the obvious rigging, manipulation and scripting my money is on Wendy (the new flame of boy Hemedi) whose your money on?

We’ll keep running this post and update it as the show goes on so watch this space.”Portions of this post not affecting the outcome have been edited”


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Meru National Park: God’s Background

I’ve racked my brain for the last three days trying to get a fitting description for Meru National Park.‭ ‬The breathtaking beauty,‭ ‬unadulterated wilderness,‭ ‬stunning views and unending sceneries can only be summed as God’s Backyard.‭ ‬Meru National Park which had one of the biggest branding process was dubbed‭ ‘‬Complete Wilderness‭’ ‬which is most fitting.‭ ‬I’m nervous writing this because I need to do justice to the place,‭ ‬anything less would not suffice‭ ‬-at the end of which I hope you’ll join me there for Easter.

Meru National Park,‭ ‬is part of the Meru Conservation Area‭ (‬MCA‭) ‬which covers‭ ‬4‭ ‬National Reserves‭ ‬:‭ ‬Meru,‭ ‬Bisandi,‭ ‬Kora and Mwingi,‭ ‬in which‭ ‬14‭ ‬rivers pass through and has‭ ‬5‭ ‬swamps.

Meru National Park is truly on the cutting edge of tourism as they are the only park in Kenya that have night game drives‭ (‬which are a ball of fun esp with a little alcohol in your system‭)‬,‭ ‬they also have fishing‭ (‬catch and release as of now‭) ‬and are planning to introduce white water rafting.‭ ‬In a nutshell I don’t think anyone will be at loss of activities at the Park,‭ ‬the only down side is you may run out of time before doing everything.

I didn’t believe that such a place of beauty could be kept as a secret for quite a while so now my duty is to reveal it to every one.‭ ‬The first thing about Meru National Park that strikes you,‭ ‬is the staff courtesy,‭ ‬from the Senior Warden Mr.‭ ‬Robert M.‭ ‬Njue,‭ ‬the Educational Officer Lucy to the driver one thing I can guarantee you you’ll end up making great friends.‭

The second thing thats so great about Meru National Park is the affordability,‭ ‬accommodation is extremely affordable with hostels prices at Ksh‭ ‬200‭ ‬per day‭ (‬yes Ksh‭ ‬200‭ ‬ONLY‭) ‬see the full price structure below.‭ ‬Entrance fees are also at Ksh‭ ‬200-‭ ‬forget OlePolos Meru National is the new out.

Also I was thoroughly impressed by the biodiversity,‭  ‬in most places you’re told about the animals that live in the park at Meru National,‭ ‬you actually SEE them.‭ ‬From Rhinos at the Rhino Sanctuary within the park‭ (‬say a big hi to Issa and the team,‭ ‬in their‭ ”‬office‭”) ‬to lions that come so close you almost get eaten,‭ ‬elephants and giraffes are everywhere‭ ‬-‭ ‬in fact if you can get accommodation at Bwatherongi camp,‭ ‬there’s a in-house giraffe called Lucy who’ll let you pose with her.

Our drives took us to‭ ‘‬Kenya’s Best Kept Secret‭’ ‬Elsa’s Kopje which,‭ ‬if Meru National is God’s background,‭ ‬Elsa’s Kopje would be His favourite spot.‭ ‬I’ll let the pictures tell you the story,‭ ‬but I’d like to thank Anthony who welcomed us very well.‭

All in all words and pictures cannot do justice the beauty at Meru National,‭ ‬which is a masterpiece,‭ ‬seeing is believing.‭ ‬If you don’t have plot for Easter or you were to go to OlePolos‭ ;‬-‭)‬,‭ ‬head down to Meru National and discover‭ ‘‬Complete Wilderness‭’‬.‭

I promised the Senior Warden Njue I’ll scream on top of the mountain about his beautiful secret so please,‭ ‬when you head there,‭ ‬say hi or leave a message from me to him,‭ ‬Lucy‭ (‬Educational Officer not the giraffe‭)‬,‭ ‬Issa etc.‭


Wedding photo taking
Ksh‭ ‬2500‭ ‬per group/‭ ‬day
Ksh‭ ‬2500‭ ‬per group/‭ ‬day
Wedding reception‭ (‬Bwatherongi‭)
Ksh‭ ‬15‭ ‬000‭ ‬per group‭ ‬/‭ ‬day
Ksh‭ ‬15‭ ‬000‭ ‬per group‭ ‬/‭ ‬day
Ksh‭ ‬200‭ ‬per person‭ ‬/day
Ksh‭ ‬100‭ ‬per student‭ ‬/day
Class Rooms‭ (‬for meetings‭) ‬40‭ ‬people
Ksh‭ ‬1500‭ ‬per group‭ ‬/day
Ksh‭ ‬1500‭ ‬per group‭ ‬/day
Murera Guest House‭ (‬3‭ ‬bedrooms‭)
Ksh‭ ‬6000‭ ‬per day
Ksh‭ ‬6000‭ ‬per day
Murera Luxury Bandas with TV
Ksh‭ ‬2500‭ ‬per day
Ksh‭ ‬2500‭ ‬per day
Murera Bandas
Ksh‭ ‬2000‭ ‬per day
Ksh‭ ‬2000‭ ‬per day
Kinna Luxury Bandas
Ksh‭ ‬2500‭ ‬per day
Ksh‭ ‬2500‭ ‬per day

These tarriffs do not include Park entry fee
The demand is high so advance booking is encouraged
You may book through merutourism@yahoo.com
For hostels a booking fee of Ksh‭ ‬1000‭ ‬is charged.


Non Residents‭
Kenya Residents‭ (‬KSH‭)
Kenya Citizens‭


Non Residents‭
Kenya Residents‭
Kenya Citizens

‭*‬Persons above‭ ‬3‭ ‬years but below‭ ‬18‭ ‬years

For more information and rates,‭ ‬Please email:‭ ‬merutourism@yahoo.com
Website:‭ ‬www.kws.org
Senior Warden Robert M.‭ ‬Njue:‭ ‬rnjue@kws.org‭

(See the pics in Gallery soon)

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Ronaldo Vs Kaka



In world football today there are two players who are arguably the best talented and the most exciting to watch, football fanatics will definitely know these names Cristiano dos Santos Averio and Ricardo Izecson dos Santos. The players are popularly known us Ronaldo and Kaka.


Both are in there twenties with Ronaldo 23 and Kaka 26 but even though they share the same surnames and they were both named after the former US president Ronald Reagan the two stars have different styles of football with both plying their trade in England and Italy respectively.


The rivalry took center stage during last years UEFA champions league semi-final match that pitted the Red devils against the Rossoneri. Although the world press had predicted a battle between the two, the battle never materialized as Kaka stole the show and guided AC Milan to the final and Ronaldo looked out of sorts and never showed his magic in the dance.


After winning the champions league with Milan, Kaka was crowned the best player in Europe and in the world having topped the goal-scoring charts in the league of champions. His nemesis Ronaldo swept the board with him getting 6 personal trophies in the premiership plus he scored 23 goals last season furthermore he was third best in the world.


This season things are totally different Kaka has not reignited the form he portrayed and used to terrorize teams in the champions league and the Serie A. the man has totally been out of form for the better part of the season only showing glimpses of brilliance. In simple terms the best player in the world for last season Kaka, is being eclipsed by the best player in the world for this season, Ronaldo who is playing the most exciting,consistent and brilliant football I have ever seen in recent years.


Ronaldo has not only started from where he left off last season but he is  better and much classier. He is the top scorer in both the champions league and the premiership having scored 3goals in the FA cup, 5 in the champions league and 19 in the EPL taking his tally to 27 goals in 30 games that’s exceptional for a midfield player who has totally shamed Didier Drogba who, claimed last season that Ronaldo, will never repeat his last season’s run.


Most people will argue that Kaka is still the best player in the world but Ronaldo has set the record straight in the EPL and champions league with the Euro Cup coming up this summer he is likely to guide the Portuguese to glory. Furthermore with the Red Devils still in contention in three cups am damn sure he will help guide United to these trophies that’s why  Ronaldo is way better than Kaka.




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Free AdSpace

In the spirit of popularizing the new site, we are now offering free adspace to all.

more details here 

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New Year, New Site

As the year 2008 begins, we at hownowz are starting afresh. We are currently in the process of moving to blogger, and hope you’ll join us there.

Also the airtime competition will close on the 8th of January and the winners posted on the new site. the domain name hownowz.co.nr  will be redirecting you to the new blog. for those of you surfing lovers the address to check out is http://hownowz.blogspot.com 

So check it out and tell us what your thoughts are.

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Gatundu Land Row

The image of a family in Gatundu digging mass graves has been all over the media of late, baffling all. The family is planning to dig a grave for all its family members (56 in all). Its reported that they’ve so far dug over 15 graves in total.

The plan is to commit suicide en masse in protest over the sale of the land by one of the family members, without the knowledge or approval of the other family members, consequently leaving the family as squatters. The family claim to have sought for help from all quaters with no avail and decided on mass suicide as the last alternative.

Their reasoning is they’d rather be dead instead of alive and squatting, hence the mass grave digging -which has turned the farm into one chilling sight.

Surprisingly only one Member Of Parliament (former Gatundu MP) has commented on their plight so far.

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Akon Tour Cancelled

Akon isn’t coming to Kenya….Ohh man! Set for the 22nd & 23rd. The artiste is reported to have cancelled following a travelling ban issued by the U.S.A over the political situation in Kenya (boo, hiss, boo). But hopes are up that he’ll perform after the “political situation” ends.

Go figure huh!

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